Creative Expression

" Tonight's event was truly a remarkable experience. I love art and Jasmine does a fantastic job teaching us how to channel our stories to art.  Amazing, amazing, amazing!"- General Electric associate

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Healthy Coping Mechanism

"I was battling a lot before today's event and I'm so glad I came. I will use these methods in my personal life especially when I'm bombarded with deadlines at the end of the quarter." Park Valley resident

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Social Coloring

" I needed this. I came for the free food and left feeling fulfilled. Best campus event this year! I hope you come back, Ms. Jazz!" - Morehouse School of Medicine 

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Why C.O.L.O.R

Color My Story was launched in 2014 after CEO, Jasmine Coer, suffered a mental breakdown while climbing the corporate ladder of success. Jasmine’s love for art managed to keep her at peace and she knew it could help others. That experience opened a safe space for her peers to share their experiences with anxiety, stress, depression, and suicidal thoughts. It was evident the world needed more C.O.L.O.R

Jasmine has coordinated events for companies nationwide and internationally. Color My Story creates unique experiences for people of all ages and walks of life.



Schedule your C.O.L.O.R session today

The reality is stress, anxiety, and life’s obstacles affects everyone. No one is exempt. C.O.L.O.R sessions are great for work parties. resident events, family and friends celebrations, and more. Contact us today for more information